Tax Preparation

Let DSB Solutions prepare your tax returns without coming into the office

Do NOT schedule an appointment online

Three (3) ways to SEND your documents to DSB Solutions: [see Individual Checklist here, for help gathering docs]

  1. FAX to (708) 317-0511 with a cover page including your name and Applicable Tax Year WITH the total number of pages transmitted, ensuring all documentation is sent and received.

    • Be sure to print, sign, and send Tax Preparation Engagement here

  2. EMAIL all documents to with Subject: Your Name and Applicable Tax Year. Within the body of the email, you MUST list the total number of pages scanned and emailed, ensuring all documentation is sent and received.

    • Be sure to print, sign, and send Tax Preparation Engagement here

  3. UPLOAD by request ONLY, the taxpayer can receive an email from

    • Click the link and complete account set-up

    • Read, complete, and return the Tax Preparation Engagement.

    • Upload all documents (See Public Files: Checklist)


We recommend using SecureFilePro ® for added security

Documents received by DSB Solutions

  • Return is prepared with a turn-a-round time of 72 hours to 2 weeks, depending on complexity and due dates.  If we have questions during the preparation process, the Client receives an email.  Upon completion of your return, the Client receives an email disclosing the refund amount or balance due amount with the total due to DSB Solutions for tax preparation services.

PAYMENT for Services

Look OUT for Emails

  • The Client receives two (2) separate emails; (1) your signature documents and (2) a completed copy of your Tax Return (password protected) to review. The password for your tax return is your last name – first letter capitalized and the last 4-digits of your social security number. If the return is for a married couple filing a joint return, the password information is the primary taxpayer listed on the return.


  • The Client must review the return BEFORE signing and returning the signature documents.

  • QUESTIONS regarding your return; Email or call (708) 357-0511

    • Some questions may require a telephone call; telephone calls need to be scheduled via email and confirmed by a DSB Solutions Consultant.

Let’s FILE your return

  • Once Signature Documents are received, the return(s) are transmitted to proper taxing authority within 24-48 business hours of signature document receipt. You MUST pay, sign, and return the signature documents before the return can be E-filed.  Amendments are not transmitted to the IRS – they must be mailed.

See you NEXT year!

  • Your Tax Return has been prepared and filed. Be sure to file your tax return away with all support documentation.  Additional copies incur additional fees.

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