What We Do

DSB Solutions is here to HELP;

  • facilitate a new business launch

  • identify and provide solutions to problems within a company in the areas of administration and finances

  • help establish internal controls and proper segregation of duties

  • complete administrative and fiscal-based projects; supplement the need for staff

  • train staff (topics include; proper fiscal management, leadership, important due dates, what forms to file and keep, and more)

Working With a DSB Solutions' Consultant


Time to produce your product or provide your services

Completion of tasks that are pertinent to the success and functionality of your business

A knowledge resource

A managing partner without giving up ownership or paying a dividend, we are vested in your business

An opportunity to grow or start your business with less stress


You Save:

Time (Your time is PRICELESS)

Money Spent on Employer Taxes and Employee Benefits

Money Spent on Office Space, Equipment, Software, and Supplies for Staff

Are you READY to get the HELP you need?

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