Business Management Services

Terms and Conditions

Failure to comply will result in the delay of services and may lead to contract termination.  Terms and conditions subject to change at the discretion of management


Confidentiality: DSB Solutions will not use any proprietary information to service other Clients.  We will not sell, share, or trade your business information.  DSB Solutions will not reveal the names of Company owners or contact person unless required by law.  DSB reserves the right to list the company on marketing materials, does not apply to individuals.  If the Client does want the company name to be listed on DSB Solutions' marketing materials, the Client must put it in writing and email with the Subject: Do not include on Marketing Materials (Client Request).


Service Fees: All Business Services require an initial payment or one-time payment.  Initial payments are for contracted clients that have obtained the monthly services of DSB Solutions Consultant.  One-Time Payments are payments for one-time or same-day services for those clients without contracted monthly services. Increased Service Fees: Every year, DSB Solutions increases services fees based on the Cost of Living (COL) of 3-5%.  If the Client has a signed contract, DSB Solutions will not increase the service fees stated on the signed contract.  If a fee increased has occurred during the contract term, once the end of the term and the Client would like to continue services, DSB Solutions will include the increased fees in the new contract.  If the Client has a decrease in revenue and can no longer afford the services of DSB Solutions, DSB Solutions management reserves the right to reduce service fees or donate hours to 501c3 tax-exempt, not for profit organizations and/or start-up businesses.


Payment Terms: Clients are billed the last Friday of every month via PayPal Invoice sent to the email address on file.  The client should pay according to the selected weekly or monthly amount.  Monthly payments are due upon receipt.  Weekly payments are due every Friday by 10 AM CST.  Accepted Payments: Cash, Credit / Debit Cards, and Business/Company Check. Personal Checks are NOT accepted.  Electronic Payment Options: Zelle using {PREFERRED METHOD} or via PayPal at Business Checks:  make payable to DSB Solutions, Post Office Box 5304, Lansing, Illinois 60438. Returned Business Checks: Client will pay all associated fees for returned checks, DSB Solutions will pursue collection to the fullest extent of the law and the client is responsible for all costs associated with the collection. Failure to pay as agreed: The consultant will cease work and the project will be delayed. The client will be charged $5.00 per week for failure to pay and failure to timely (7-14 business days of payment due date) communicate inability to pay after 4 business days of the unpaid balance, starting on the 5th business day. Accounts not paid within 14 business days, will incur an additional fee equal to 2 weeks of service. Accounts not paid within the terms of the Agreement are subject to a monthly finance charge.  Payments not received within 30 days will be submitted to a collection agency, the client is responsible for all associated fees to collect the debt.   Failure to pay as agreed may result in immediate agreement termination and collection, court, and attorney fees.  No Refunds.  Account Credits may be available where applicable at management discretion.


DSB Accountability.  Consultants “clock-in” when work starts on your project and “clock-out” when they have completed a task and are required to make a note summarizing the tasks completed or started with a status.  Detailed billing is available upon request.


Client Responsibility:  The Client is responsible for management decisions and functions, as well as designating an individual with suitable skill, knowledge, or experience to oversee any services provided.  The Client must provide requested information and documents requested any delays caused by the Client’s, or third-parties, failure to provide information and documents in a timely manner removes all liability from DSB Solutions’ Consultant in regard to project deadlines.  The Client must attend all scheduled meetings or cancel at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.  Failure to cancel scheduled meetings or appointments will result in a cancellation fee at; either the hourly rate of the signed agreement or $50 whichever is greater.  The client must ensure accuracy on all documents, submitted for approval and adhere to all DSB Solutions’ Terms and Conditions listed herein or within any other written documents, memos, text messages, emails, and company websites, links, etc. failure to do so may result in termination of the agreement.  If the Client is responsible for the breach of the signed agreement, the Client is responsible for any service/project fees due to DSB Solutions at the time of breach as well as all associated court and attorney fees.  The Client must adhere to all policies and procedures based on solicited service.  The Client must adhere to all terms listed in the contract.  The Client is responsible for reviewing and approving all information submitted for approval.  If the information requesting approval is not approved, it will not be disseminated or transmitted.  The client is responsible for communicating all payment issues or delays 7-14 days prior to the payment due date.


Project: The client may assign any tasks to DSB Solutions’ consultant as deemed appropriate, legal, and ethical.  During the initial assessment, the DSB Solutions Consultant will assess and determine what projects need to be completed with the Client’s assistance and based on the Client’s initial request for services.  The Client may provide DSB Solutions’ Consultants with additional tasks and applicable due dates based on the priority of the Client however DSB Solutions’ has the right to refuse any project that may (1) exceed the scope of services, (2) exceed Client’s weekly or monthly contracted amount (3) interfere with the appointments, schedules, or due dates of other Clients, and (4) projects that constitute an employee-employer relationship.  Project Changes:  The Client reserves the right to request additional services or change the priority of services given to its designated Consultant.  DSB Solutions reserves the right, at the manager’s discretion to charge the Client additional or expedited fees for continual changes in project priority as well as same-day or next-day due dates. Project Timelines: As requested and agreed.  DSB Solutions consultant will provide estimated project timelines at the request of the client for larger projects. 


Delivery of Services:  The Client must have access and/or subscribe to software and platforms necessary to the successful operation of their business.  The Client must have a fax machine, scanner, or smartphone app, and email address to send and receive documents from DSB Solutions Consultant via email.  The Client cannot text pictures of documents, etc. to DSB Solutions Consultant.  It is the understanding of the Client that DSB Solutions’ Consultants are consultants, subcontractors, and not employees.  DSB Solutions will conduct work off-site (remotely) for the Client. On-Site Services are available and provided where applicable.


Termination of Contract: DSB Solutions reserves the right to terminate the contract immediately if the Client breaches the contract, fails to pay as agreed, or request DSB Solutions to conduct unethical or illegal actions.  The Client can terminate the contract with a written 30-day notice; the Client will be billed for all hours prior to contract terms which may or may not be the total contractual amount depending on the amount of work done and time spent on project or tasks.  All termination notices must be (1) mailed as a Certified Letter to DSB Solutions, Attn: Contract Termination, Post Office Box 5304, Lansing, Illinois 60438, or (2) emailed to with the Subject: Request to Terminate Contract.  The Client must list the reason it wishes to terminate the contract and provide DSB Solutions an opportunity to resolve the issue. 


Liability. DSB Solutions is not liable for any injury or loss incurred by the Client.  DSB Solutions is not liable for any damage or loss to Client and/or Client information including incidentals, special or consequential circumstances that may result from any business relationship associated with DSB Solutions.  DSB Solutions is not liable for cancellations, delays, rescheduling, etc. resulting from Client or third-party errors. DSB Solutions is not liable for any erroneous information provided by the Client in the preparation of taxes, forms, reports, etc.  Loss. In the event of a natural disaster, extreme weather, fire, water damage, or any uncontrollable circumstances that may occur causing the delay of project or loss of information, is not the responsibility of DSB Solutions.


Hours of Operation: DSB Solutions’ Consultants are available by appointment only, as scheduled and agreed based on the client’s schedule. DSB Solutions’ Customer Service line is available Monday through Friday between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM CST at (708) 357-0511. 


Contact YOUR Consultant:  Emails are the best method for reaching your consultant however, we understand the need to speak verbally and in detail.  Client calls with consultants must be scheduled.  If you would like to schedule a weekly call with your consultant please contact them ASAP and lock-in your preferred day and time!

DSB Solutions will comply with rules and regulations set forth by the Client, IRS, and Federal / State / Local Regulations to the best of our ability.  The Client understands that DSB Solutions is a professional business service and is not meant to replace legal counsel. Terms stated herein are copyrighted and property of DSB Solutions - duplication and use without approval will result in legal action to the furthest extent of the law.

Tax Preparation Services

Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions subject to change at the discretion of management.  


The client received terms of our engagement with you and to clarify the nature and extent of the services we will provide. Continuing with Tax Preparation Services constitutes your acknowledgment and agreement to the terms listed herein.


DSB Solutions Responsibility DSB Solutions will prepare your federal, state, and local income tax returns using the information and documentation you provide. We will not audit or otherwise verify the data you submit. However, it may be necessary to ask additional questions for clarification. DSB Solutions will work diligently on your behalf to accurately prepare your tax return. We will provide your refund or balance due, request payment, review the return with you, then obtain your signature before transmitting the return to the proper tax authority. You will receive a password-protected copy of your return. Additional copies or copies requested after the initial copy will require an additional fee ($25-50).


Client Responsibility It is your responsibility to provide all the information required for the preparation of complete and accurate returns. You should retain all the documents, canceled checks, and other data that form the basis of income and deductions. The Client has full and final responsibility for the income tax returns and, therefore, should review them carefully before signing. Signing your return authorizes DSB Solutions to file the return and attest to your agreement with the information reported within the tax return.  


Payment of Tax Preparation Fees: (1) Zelle to OR (2) Credit/Debit Card (provide credit card information during tax preparation or via invoice from PayPal)


Tax Examination DSB Solutions’ made the business decision to no longer represent clients during a tax examination.  Therefore, all personal tax returns, for the protection of the Client can include Audit Protection.  The Client has the right to refuse audit protection and, in such case, understands DSB Solutions cannot and will not represent the Client during a tax examination.  We offer a third-party audit protection plan.  In the event of an investigation, you would call the number on your certificate of coverage, and they would represent you. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND purchasing audit protection. Paying someone to represent you in an audit can be expensive. Audit Protection-Protection Plus is valued at $99.95.


Terms stated herein are copyrighted and property of DSB Solutions - duplication and use without approval will result in legal action to the furthest extent of the law.