Do you NEED Help?

DSB Solutions is HERE to SERVE


DSB Solutions started in 2007 with a simple mission to help.


DSB Solutions' clients are individuals, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

We provide Business Management Services and Tax Preparation for individuals and businesses.


We work with start-ups and small to medium-size businesses. 


DSB Solutions' Consultants have helped 500+ individuals and businesses (for-profit and not-for-profit) alike.


DSB Solutions' Consultants are here to help!

  • Want to start a new business?

  • Have a business?

  • Need help getting organized?

  • Need help identifying problems and developing solutions within the areas of administration and finances?

  • Need help to establish internal controls and proper segregation of duties for your small to medium-sized business?

  • Need to train staff?


DSB Solutions' Consultants are business professionals with expert and forward-thinking skill-sets. DSB Solutions' Consultants are knowledgeable in the fields of business administration, organizational leadership, management principles, tax preparation, and accounting.

  • Administrative Services

  • Fiscal Management Services

  • HR Services

  • Strategic Planning

  • Compliance Services

  • Tax Preparation

  • Training