Business Services
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Administrative Services

Business Form Creation

Business Policies and Procedures

System Creation

Fiscal Management Services

Bookkeeping/ Accounting Services

Budget Preparation

Financial Statements

Financial Reporting

Grant Management (Non-Profit)

Accounts Payable (AP) Management / Accounts Receivable (AR) Management

Accounting Software Set-up 

HR Services

Create and Maintain Job Posting

Applicant Documentation Creation

Schedule Candidate Interview

Interview Candidates via telephone

Create Hiring Matrix 

Employee Manuals 

Strategic/ Compliance Services

Business Compliance Check

Audit Preparation (Non-Profit/For-Profit)

Streamline Policies and Procedures


for entrepreneurs, business owners, and individuals; TOPICS Include:

  • How to Start a Business

  • Three Key Aspects of Successful Business

  • Proper Fiscal Management (Non-Profit)

  • Budgeting ~ Revenue vs. Profit

  • Staying Organized

  • Leading for Leaders

Website Services -start-ups only

Create & Design*

Update website*

*Wix or Weebly ONLY

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